Wednesday, December 28, 2011

T'was The Night Before Christmas...

Just an advance warning, you're probably going to notice a plethora of posts in the next couple of weeks! At the best of times I try to update at least every couple of days, if not daily.  However I am (sadly!) back at work whilst the rest of the site is still shut down for Christmas break, so I am relying on this blog to keep myself occupied!

So we spent Christmas Eve with Liam's family, it was a lovely hot day and we spent the evening out on the back porch in shorts and singlets.  What a vast contrast to the floods the next day, which only narrowly missed the porch where we were basking in the heat just the night before!

We snacked on dips, cheese, crackers and nuts while we waited for Liam's sister to arrive.  Liam's mum and Grandma also made these -


Brandy Alexanders.  These were divine! Creamy and rich, with a strong alcoholic kick.  Perfect way to start off the festive season.  I wonder if Santa would appreciate it if I left one of these by the fireplace for him, instead of the traditional milk and cookies!

Let me tell you, Liam's mother and my own mummy dearest are EXCEPTIONAL cooks.  I know everyone says that, but it is absolutely 100% true.  Between the two, as well as my gorgeous grandparents, we are never short of delicious food. We are truly well-fed!

For dinner this night, Liam's mum and grandmother had prepared a sort of make-your-own souvlaki set up.  We helped ourselves to gorgeous thick tortilla wraps, slathered them with hommus or homemade garlic sauce, then filled them with our choice of salads before piling on tasty, tasty chunks of chicken and lamb.  Also on offer were potatoes roasted in dripping from the chicken, and wonderful homemade coleslaw and tabouleh. 

I ate so much that I was sure there wouldn't be any space left for Christmas lunch the next day!

But of course there was dessert! The caramel tarts were sooo good that I wish I could have fit in more than one.  Liam's mum also plated up some of the mini Christmas puddings I made as part of her present.

Speaking of presents, there were plenty!

These are the hampers which we put together for Liam's parents.  And YES, that is a 2 litre stubby of beer! It was so cool that I want to get one for myself so that I can keep the bottle!

So that, my dears, was Christmas Eve.  Next up will be Christmas Day, which was even more of an indulgent affair!

I do adore Christmas!!!


  1. Everything looks amazing Cat! Those Brandy Alexanders sound toxic ;) I am now craving caramel tarts Yum yum...

  2. My mouth is waterrrrrrrrrrringggg

  3. Food looks good!! making me hungry