Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

So it's starting to warm up in Melbourne, and it looks like summer might finally be here! Which means, it's time to shop for bikinis! Looking around there are plenty of gorgeous options, but it's quite easy to go overboard and empty your wallet on all the different colours/patterns/styles!

Considering Melbourne weather is very unpredictable, and summer will be over before we know it (sadface) I wondered whether it would be worthwhile researching some budget options to last me the next couple of months.

Apple Pie Halter [$19.95]                  Sundowner Bikini Bottom [$19.95]

Long Island Bandeau Top [$19.95]               Sombrero Bikini Bottom [$19.95]

Long Island Bandeau Top [$19.95]
Summer Punch Bikini Bottom [$19.95]

B* Rainbow Stripe Halter Bikini [$25]

B* Santorini Loop Front Bikini [$25]

B* Twist Bandeau Bikini [$25]

Love it! Time to hit the shops... at these prices, I may consider getting one for each weekend of summer!

Now... if only I could find one of those picture perfect bodies to go with my new bikinis!!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love the Santorini Loop Front Bikini, I always go for bandeau style myself as triangle bikinis look awful on me!

    Such a shame the weather in Sydney has been so awful, I'm not even sure I'll get use out of my swimmers at all this summer!