Thursday, December 15, 2011

Night Market at Queen Vic

Every Wednesday evening from the 16th of November - 29th of February, the Queen Victoria Market transforms into the Suzuki Night Market.

Now in its 14th year, the Suzuki Night Market attracts over 200 stall holders and showcases some of Melbourne’s finest artisans, producing locally made clothing, jewellery, prints and an array of cultural goods.The hawker style food stalls offer everything from traditional African curries through to the sweetest of honey dumplings. Don’t stop at one stall; take a trip around the world one dish at a time.

It was a nice warm Wednesday night, so we decided to head down to catch up with a friend and sample some of the food on offer.  The place was packed full of people milling around, and market stalls were set up in amongst the food vendors and tables full of people.  

There were also entertainers set up in the square, and it was hectic trying to push through the crowd! ATM lines snaked around the corner, and it was a 10 - 15 minute wait at least.  After withdrawing some cash, we made a beeline for the drinks and with a cider in my hand the crowd was a bit easier to bear.

These were the CUTEST little dresses, and even came in adult size! I was sorely tempted to get one for my four year old cousin and a matching one for myself, or at least get a set of fairy wings to prance around in on Christmas Day but Liam was not so keen on the idea! 

Of course anyone that knows me can tell you that I was here for the FOOD!

The market was packed full of different food choices, and people buzzing around, lining up to get their meals or trying to find a seat.  The area was packed, and we shuffled and pushed our way through the crowd and lined up for some grub.  Although there were plenty of tables, a free seat was few and far between so we balanced our plates on one of the pillars away from the masses.

There was almost any kind of cuisine you could imagine, ranging from Asian far to Spanish, Italian or even traditional Australian on offer.  We were absolutely STARVING and headed directly to the wherever had the shortest queue.  This turned out to be French cuisine, so we ordered a plate of chick pea wedges, a mixed plate (caramelised onion tart, a slice of baguette with olive tapenade, and various meat-stuffed vegetables) and a pork sausage in a baguette.  After inhaling these plates we also decided a cheese empanada would be a good idea (I forgot to take a picture... BAD BLOGGER!) from the Spanish stall, and then a pretzel for good measure!

These cards were SO cute! The photos of train stations had a little illustration on them, and a clever caption which included the station name.  They were so sweet! :) 

"You are my Sunshine"
"You Ardeer to me"
"Werribee together forever"
"You can ring my Bell"
"I've got my heart Seddon you"

I guess they only make sense if you live in Melbourne though.

Anyway, you'd think after all that food we'd eaten earlier that I'd be full. Right? Well, you'd be wrong. I am, if nothing else, a bottomless pit. So whilst my friend wandered off to line up for her Dutch pancakes, Liam and I decided that were going to torture our arteries a little bit. 

That's right.  A cup full of cracking for 5 bucks will do that to ya! I thought I was in heaven... or hell... I'm still not sure which one at this stage! Let me tell you though, this stuff was the best but the worst thing I could have eaten.  Pure fat, sprinkled liberally with a hearty dose of sodium.  People, I may very well have drastically reduced my life span with that one cup there! It was disgusting, but I enjoyed every salty bite!

Now just for good measure, I will end this post with another picture of that glorious crunchy goodness. The health conscious ones in our midst, AVERT YOUR EYES NOW!!   

You have been warned.



  1. These markets have been on my list since moving down here, will definitely head down in the new year (maybe the 11th? no PT session then). Pics and feedback are great, definitely going now :-) will skip the crackling though...

  2. food looks delish! I should head down there

  3. You guys should definitely visit! It was worth it. Will probably be less crowded in the New Year too!

    Miss Directions - it's a totally different place during the days too. Completely different stalls, more clothes, jewelry, souvenir shopping and the fresh food market is running as well. You should head down during the day as well! :)

  4. One step ahead of you Cat, SJ and I do almost all our shopping at the markets on a Tuesday morning (though most of the time lately he goes alone). Much less crowded :-)

  5. Good girl! ;) Haha

    What area do you live in? Prahran markets are pretty good as well if you're close! Liam and I did a food tour there last weekend - will blog about that soon! :P