Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rant : The Canvas Factory

I'm here to warn you that if you want any sort of service or reliability, do NOT use the Canvas Factory! []

There have been many deals popping up on group buy sites lately, like Cudo, OurDeal, Spreets etc.  I made the mistake of thinking this would be a good way to get a lovely Christmas present for my mum.  Turns out I was WRONG.  Instead, I will now have to spend the next couple of days running around frantically trying to find the perfect substitute gift for my mum, or she will have nothing to open on Christmas Day except an IOU. 

Knowing there would be a rush for Christmas, I tried to get my order in early.  I checked the Canvas Factory website and upon seeing that there was a 1 - 3 week turnaround I decided to buy a Cudo deal for a half metre canvas print.  I sent them a copy of the photo I wanted printed and asked them to send me back a preview. When they did so I was quite happy with the image so I sent in my order with a copy of the photo re-attached and instructions to print as per the preview.  I did this late-November thinking that 4+ weeks would be plenty of time to have the canvas returned to me.


I waited the 3 weeks expected, and nothing came so I emailed them to enquire the status of my order.  What I received was an automated reply thanking me for my email and stating that around Christmas time there could be a 2 - 6 week wait.   


At the time of placing the order I checked the delivery time which was 1 - 3 weeks. Given this, I had allowed for 4 weeks for the canvas to be delivered thinking I'd be safe.  

This morning (2 days after sending my enquiry email) I received an email from the Canvas Factory asking me to please check my preview.  The same one I'd already checked and confirmed 4 weeks ago, you mean?!

This means that not only is my canvas NOT on its way, it has not even been produced yet! It has taken them FOUR WEEKS to get in touch to begin work on my canvas?! 

I am not happy, and I am so disappointed that my mother's awesome present will not be wrapped under the tree for her to open on Christmas morning.

The Canvas Factory is the Grinch who has stolen my Christmas.


  1. ARGH that is SO ANNOYING! I have had things like this happen to me and it is not acceptable... I hope they give you a refund, and you have luck finding your Mum something nice at short notice.

    I bought a deal from Snapfish via one of those group buy websites, and thankfully they advertised a cut off date for Xmas orders and it arrived in plenty of time... it's a personalised magic mug for my friend :)

  2. Ohh that sucks big time! :( Good luck in finding your mum a new present!

  3. N'awh. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    You're right, I had my moment, my rant, and got over it. I deleted most of the post, it was nice just to let it all out!
    Has your print arrived yet? x

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, ladies :) xx

    They still haven't replied to me. Fingers crossed, but I'm not holding out much hope! :(

  5. That's so terrible, I'm also fully aware of how hektik is it for them at the post office so I always order early yet they still take ages and then act like nothing happened.
    Overseas things I do know have trouble with post and customer demand but things within Australia and ordered in Nov is pathetic.
    I hope you found something for your mum though

  6. That's absolutely horrible!!! You've given them enough time, so there's really no excuse.
    I hope you find something nice for your mum :) xx

  7. oh man, i would be so angry if that happened to me. Hope you find a replacement pressie for your mum soon!

  8. Thanks for the comments, girls! xx

    They finally emailed me back, and it's as I thought. They haven't even began manufacturing my canvas yet! I'm so disappointed, and looks like I'll be battling the crowds tonight trying to wrack my brain for a new present for mum! :(

  9. What a frustrating position to be in. It is such a shame it won't be here in time for Christmas. I hope that it is beautiful when it finally arrives.
    I have heard a few stories about being disappointed after buying items and deals on Cudo & Scoopon in the past few weeks.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas =)