Friday, December 23, 2011

Mum's Christmas Present Update

Sooo... the Canvas Factory aren't returning my emails, but they have told me as much that they have not started manufacturing my canvas yet so I'm not sure when the heck it is going to reach me! 

Crisis averted however.  I stopped into Kmart and bought her a little coffee pack to unwrap on Christmas morning and a card in which to enclose an IOU. On a side note, how cheap is Kmart these days?! Then we started trawling the shops to cross some names off Liam's Christmas shopping list.  Whilst I have been all organised this year, and done the bulk of my Christmas shopping in November, he has not done quite as well.  Like your typical boy, he has left it all to the last minute! 

Anyway, on my advice he decided to get this for my mum.

Over the years, while sitting in front of the TV watching Masterchef mum would comment how easy making pasta looks, and she should totally give it a go.  I always mention that my aunt and uncle were gifted a pasta maker for their wedding which they never use and have offered to me to use, but her reply is always the same. "No point, I'll just buy my own." Till this day, she is still yet to buy her own. 

Now she has no excuse! Go on - make me fresh pasta, woman! Chop chop!

At the cash registers, I had a bit of a sulky moment.

"I was meant to have an awesome gift to give mum on Christmas morning! Now YOU'RE going to be giving her something cool and I'm just going to be giving her a measly pack of stupid coffee. What if she doesn't have milk? How about if the kettle is broken? What if she doesn't even WANT coffee?! What if she wants TEA?!?! I hate you. YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME!"

Liam, being the patient man that he is, patted me on the head and calmly offered a solution.  Why don't we pool our resources and just gift all of our presents from both of us instead? Which is realistically what we've decided to do for almost everyone else, but I had chosen cute little presents for my parents ages ago so had thought I'd do their gifts on my own. 

I'm pretty sure that Liam's just struggling to find a suitable present for my dad, so the arrangement benefits him as much as it does me but all's well ends well and everyone is happy!

Now... just TWO more sleeps til Christmas!


  1. Kmart is crazy cheap! We went in to pick up a few housey type gifts and ended up buying our whole family presents! Best!

    I hope your mum likes her gift :)


  2. Great idea to pool together! Big W is quite cheap these days too! I got my kk gift there for $10 it looked really nice.