Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Santa

So my lovely man keeps asking what I want for Christmas.  I told him I don't know, because I honestly could not think of anything.  However after browsing through a couple of blogs and random online sites, I realised I'm totally wrong.

The only problem now is that... I WANT EVERYTHING!!

Fly Fly Away Travel Journal [$24.95]

Be My Date Calendar [$19.95]

 Tiffany Notes I Love You band ring [$170]

Galaxy Leggings [$75]

Nike Zoom Rival 6 D Women's Track Spike [$120]

ASOS Lace Dress with Scalloped Neck [$76.05]

Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet [$129]

Pretty Perch Wall Hook [$6.95]                    Metal Birdcage Noticeboard [$29.95]

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor [$99]

So there you have it, my darling! Now... what are you waiting for?!

Time to empty that bank account!!

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