Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Santa

Today at work we had (yet another!) morning tea for our Christmas celebrations. 

Today was also the day to exchange presents (YAY!) for our department Kris Kringle.
I have no idea who pulled my name out of the hat, but this person clearly knows me well!

On second thoughts, it is no secret around the office that I am a footy nut and a major Essendon fan! During the footy season, Liam and I pretty much spend all of our weekends at the MCG or Etihad Stadium.  One of his major downfalls is that he is a mad Hawks supporter, so each weekend we have to coordinate our plans around when both the Hawthorn and Essendon matches are being played.  Often we manage to have two days of AFL per weekend, although there have been occasions where we have rushed straight from one team's match to the next. 

The theme for our presents was that it had to start with a 'D' - check out how my KK made sure that my present fit in with this theme!

I decided to go with the easy option of "drink" for my KK! I was initially going to buy a nice bottle of wine, but after a little research I discovered he was not a huge fan of wine, preferring whiskey or scotch as his tipple.  I purchased two mini bottles of Johnny Walker and decided to team them with homemade "dark" chocolate mini-Christmas puddings!

I bought a box that was wayyyy too big, so I had to stuff half of the box with paper towel so that the puddings and mini-bottles wouldn't roll all over the place! Whoops..

I love Christmas, and giving presents! I can't wait for Christmas day to watch my family open their gifts!

What gorgeous gifts have you bought for your loved ones?


  1. Oh wow, your secret santa and afternoon tea looks lovely :) I have not had much luck with secret santa gifts, I am posting about it in my blog right now. LOL

  2. For my Christmas party too we had secret Santa idea. All my friends along with their kids were there for my Christmas celebrations. After had at home we enjoyed office party also. It was arranged by corporate event planners. Really had a great time there.