Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa Baby

I haven't mentioned what gifts I received for Christmas!  I must have been a good girl this year, because I am feeling very well-loved with my little stash of presents :) 

Remember this post?  Turns out I totally ruined my own Christmas surprise by putting it up, as Liam had already discovered on his own what he wanted to get me.  Isn't he a smart cookie?! 

I tore open the wrapping on my first present to find this lovely little bag, which housed a special blue box all tied up with a pretty white ribbon. 

It was so pretty I almost didn't want to untie the ribbon, but at the same time I was so anxious to get at what was inside that little box that I wasted no time whatsoever!

Absolutely love it. And it so matches this bracelet which I always wear constantly.

Turns out my best friend had worded Liam up that I wanted the ring and he'd put it up the top of his shopping list! Cheeky girl had told me that she'd already had the discussion with Liam and Tiffany's was not on the agenda. I actually believed her, so was totally not expecting this! Sneaky sneaks! :)

He also bought me this wicked travel journal which I have been yearning for! It's gorgeous, and I cannot wait to use it on our upcoming trip to Siam Reap & Malaysia! It's got a little pouch on one side, and a world map, and pages to note all your special travel adventures! Love it.

I was also given chocolates from Liam's parents, which is ALWAYS a good choice! As well as a gift voucher which I have already put to good use!

Beautiful candles from Liam's parents and my best friend.  I am a bit of firebug, so am looking forward to using these! One of them has beautiful patterns illuminated on the outside of the holder, and the other smells gorgeously of tangy pomegranate! 

This cute re-usable cup and T2 from my little brother. Can't wait to try this Sencha Peach tea! Will add some honey and lots of ice for a refreshing summer-time iced tea I think!

These adorable mini port glasses were a really thoughtful gift from Liam's sister! I have been wanting a set ever since we were served shots in them at a family dinner a few weeks ago, and she tried to find exact matching ones to those but came up with these instead! I LOVE them, and I am even more grateful for the thought and effort that went into finding them! :)

There were a few other bits & pieces, as well as a lot of different vouchers and cash added to the stash! I feel so well-loved and am such a lucky girl.  Christmas is definitely not about the presents, but I do love giving and seeing the joy on people's faces when they open their gifts.  And looking at my own gifts, I can't help but feel all warm & fuzzy about the amazing people I have in my life who care so much about me!

Hope you all received some impressive loot too! :) xx


  1. You were spoiled, weren't you :-)

    Glad you had a good Christmas, at least, I think you did. About to read you older posts now :-)

    Sorry I'm not up to date xo

  2. wow babe! so much T&C lucky girl! Love it

  3. Lucky Girl you got some amazing pressies!

  4. oh the reusable T2 cup is handy! Great presents, lucky girl =)

  5. Ooohhh palm beach candle, what's that one like? I have not heard of this!