Monday, January 9, 2012

Food Diaries : The Coffee Club, Knox Ozone

We headed down to Knox Ozone for dinner on a warm summer evening.  We knew what we wanted, we just weren't sure where we would get it.  I had a hankering for a nice steak sandwich, and Liam had nachos on his mind. 

Knox Ozone has plenty of choices, and plenty of good options for whatever food you might be craving.  It ranges from steak houses to Japanese cuisine to just your reliable ol' pub fare.  What we were after is fairly standard grub, so as we browsed all the restaurant menus we realised that we could pretty much take our pick.  The Coffee Club is newly re-opened, and I remembered hanging out there all the time with friends during my youth, so we decided to give it a shot to see how it measured up. 

The menu looked promising, with many tasty offerings, but we knew what we were after.  It was all on the pricey side compared to the other restaurants in Ozone, but we hoped it would be a case of "you get what you pay for" but sadly, this was not to be the case.  Service, although extremely friendly and helpful, was hard to get a hold of.

The Pine Lime Frappe [$5.90] was very refreshing choice on a warm summer night.  I wish I'd gotten it spliced instead, which has ice cream through it.  Then it would be exactly like drinking a Splice ice cream!

The meals came out, and they were disappointing, to say the least.  Liam chose the nachos with chilli beef added.  The additional chilli beef cost an extra $5, bringing the price of the nachos up to $20.  For a $20 plate of nachos, we were expecting something special however what ended up being placed in front of us was a relatively small serving of corn chips with cold, gluggy chilli beef unceremoniously dumped on top.  

The steak sandwich did not fare much better.  Although the steak was well-cooked, it was sandwiched between what looked like generic-brand toast, and did not cover the piece of bread which resulted in mouthfuls of just plain toast.

What made no sense also, is that the Deluxe Steak Burger is the exact same meal but with added bacon and egg for an extra $2, however when I asked how much to add bacon to the Steak Sandwich [$16] I was told it would be an extra $3. Go figure! 

Overall, our experience at the Coffee Club was a major disappointment.  Although they have now added table-service and there is no more queuing up for food, you end up with a long wait time at the table before you are seen to anyway! Prices are ridiculously over-priced for what you receive, and there are too many superior options in the Ozone precinct for me to return.

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  1. Coffee club always disappoints me :(

  2. Ugh. I hate it when you order nachos out somewhere and you know you could have made them better (and muuuuch cheaper) at home.
    SJ and I had some for lunch on Saturday after a quick run down to Foodworks.
    Mission White Corn chips are the best! + salsa with an extra cut tomato in it (too hungry to make our own) + mozzarella cheese + avacado + sour cream...hmm must be lunch time...

  3. That's pretty bad for the prices. Most smaller cafes are much cheaper and better now

  4. I know, right! I have no issue paying for quality, but those prices are ridiculous when I could have made better myself!