Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I originally took this photo for a NOTD... however the little photobomber in the background stole my thunder, looking all cute and content while basking in the sunshine!

I kind of wish my pesky hand wasn't in the way - it's such a funny photo of him in amongst the dandelions! But, there you have it...  

NOTD with a difference! :)


  1. Though you forgot to tell us what NP you're wearing :-P

  2. Aw it's adorable! I love your puppy and your nails :) xx

  3. Haha this kind of photo needs a caption ! His expression is priceless!

  4. So cute, this photo makes me miss summer!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!
    Check out my blog when you have time.

  5. He's very cute! And look at those nails - mine never get anywhere near that long (too clumsy to maintain any real length!).

  6. Thanks for the comments, ladies :)

    I have a whole collection of photos of him with a goofy look on his face. He's a special boy, my Rocket! Haha