Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy April Fools!

How was your weekend?

Mine started with my boyfriend leaving me... don't worry - just for the night!

He headed down to Phillip Island on Friday evening, where he was participating in Tough Mudder first thing Saturday.  I was supposed to go too, but due to certain politics we decided it was not a great idea.  Instead I enjoyed a nice steak dinner with my family, before everyone headed out for their evening plans.

This lone knife mocked me. It's crazy much I missed him, even though it was such a short time apart!

I declined an invitation to head out to a gig, opting instead for some me-time...

I started on this book, thanks to the recommendation of MsJelena! Great read, so far.

And I poked and prodded at the ratties, keeping them awake and forcing them to keep me company!

My man powered through Tough Mudder, and soon enough he was back home with me! I'm so proud of him - a gruelling 20km obstacle course completed, followed by an hour and a half drive, and he still managed to come back with a bounce in his step!

We visited my Aunt's and spent some time with this gorgeous little fella!  He is too, too precious.

After a bit of family time, I was craving a few quality moments with my man, and he was craving a quality meal! We decided to head to Grill'd, where he could get his fill of carbs, protein and a bit of deep-fried goodness.  I indulged in the same, you know, to show my support!

We broke various rules and browsed through some property brochures while waiting for our meals.

Grill'd burgers are the BEST! Consistently good.

Sunday morning, Liam made a divine breakfast.  I should make that his job every week! 

And then we decided to take a trip back in time...

What a blast from the past!

Even mum wanted a piece of the retro action!

I found this little stash of treasure!

And amazingly, the battery still worked!

You know, a hard day of retro-gaming sure works up an appetite!

A gorgeous homemade vegetable curry, courtesy of my wonderful mother.
Crisp yet fluffy roti bread to soak up the tasty, tasty gravy.

I now have a severe case of Monday-itis... is it weekend yet?!


  1. burgers AND retro gaming? great weekend! haha

  2. Awww I'm glad you're liking the book so far :)

    I used to love that shooting game :D


  3. I love grill'd burgers too but i hardly go it gets too messy!