Friday, March 30, 2012

My Ginger Cousin...

On Saturday morning, Liam headed off to work whilst I skipped gym class in favour of a lie in.  It's not my fault!  Bed is so comfy, it's near impossible to leave. 

I had booked a vet appointment though, so I eventually had to drag my oversized bottom out of bed and rouse the furries from their slumber. 

Mitzi was due for her vaccinations, and since we were heading along I decided to bring little Peanut in tow to get her tail checked out.  My cousin, Megan, who has recently come back to Australia for a 5 month stay, decided to accompany us and take care of Peanut.  I'm sure she regretted it fairly soon, as her now urine-soaked cardigan will attest to! What can I say? Peanut is not quite as fond of adventures as Bruce was!

Megan is, as our family kindly puts, of a very special kind...  Although she is a seemingly bright, Oxford-educated young lady, there are many occasions where she (self-admittedly!) fails at life.

This is one of those occasions! 

So, here's how the story goes... Megan is deathly afraid of blood and needles.  Miraculously, she soldiered on through Mitzi's vaccination like a trooper (it was just your standard injection, and the dog didn't even flinch).  Peanut's consultation comes and goes, and in my mind all is fine and dandy!

Not so.  I pay the exhorbitant vet bill, and turn to walk out of the clinic.  Half way out, I turn around to make sure Megs is behind me, and I see her steadying herself on the door.  A meek "I don't feel so good" escapes her lips and she scurries to sit down on one of the waiting room chairs.  I head off in search of a sugary drink and some food to help her.  It seems to do the trick, and we leave the vet, leaving the episode behind us.  Right?

Wrong.  Once we reach the car, I put Mitzi in the back seat and Megan climbs into the front with Peanut.  Clever Megan places her can of Coke onto the dashboard, and forgets all about it. Forgotten, that is, until it comes sliding off the dashboard and crashing down in a huge puddle of fizz on her lap!