Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Long Weekend

How is everyone's long weekend going? 

We tried to start ours with a bit of a lie-in.  Rocket had the right idea!

However since we're used to getting up so early most days, our brains were having none of it!

So eventually we roused, and I prepared a yummy meat-free breakfast. 

While I cleaned up, Liam did some work around the garden.

Rocket helped...

After which, he was all tuckered out and needed a rest...

Like, really needed a rest!

Saturday morning started off with a quintessential Easter treat...

Hot cross buns, slathered with plenty of butter!

Much to Liam's distress, I only eat fruitless hot cross buns.

After breakfast, it was time for a good game of football!

Being a massive Essendon fan, we head along to as many local games as possible.  My brother is a Port Adelaide supporter (don't ask me what happened there!) so this was an essential match for us!

It was my first game back for the season, and it felt so good to be home on familiar territory and to be surrounded by a sea of black and red.   I made sure I was decked out in all my colours too!

Lucky it seemed to work - there were some worrying moments, but we came out victorious in the end!

Better luck next time, little brother!

Came home, and spent the evening eating wayyyy too much of this delicious hummingbird cake!

Courtesy of the Mothership.  

Honestly, I don't think there is any dish that woman can't work her magic with!  Amazing.

As if that wasn't enough calories for the weekend, yesterday was spent filled with yet more eating!

We visited Liam's parents for lunch, and his mum had cooked up an Asian feast!  His sister was horrified at the idea that she would cook Chinese food to serve me, and whilst I have to admit it was a little different to the traditional Chinese food that I am used to, it was very tasty!

We had dumplings and san choi bow as starters, followed by the main dish satay chicken skewers, special fried rice, and a beef and vegetable casserole served in a crispy noodle basket! Yum.

In an attempt to work off some of lunch, we decided to do some exercise in the form of Wii games! 

In this game, you've got to flap your arms around and shift your balance on the board to try and land on objects.  It was a lot of fun, and was a good laugh watching people flapping their arms around!

But all games aside, we still had my early birthday dinner with my family to attend...

And as you may have learned - where my family is concerned, there is NEVER any shortage of food!

Gosh, I love extra long weekends! So much achieved, yet still so much more fun to come! 

We're just about to head off to the pub to meet friends for lunch, and then we're off to the MCG to watch the footy!  I'm hoping that the Hawkers give the Cats a mighty thrashing.  I'm too afraid of the devestation that I will have to deal with otherwise! Liam has gone to watch every Cats vs Hawthorn game since the 2008 Grand Final, and unfortunately that was the last win they've had! 

Wish us luck, guys! I hope your weekends have been as eventful, happy and safe! xx


  1. That looks like a lovely time:) What an adorable dog :)

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Isn't he just? Love him so much. He's so cheeky, but such a good boy!

  2. Damn NSW TV only showed the Swans match! I'm a Bombers fan too so was very happy with the result (although not the injuries). Looks like you had an amazing and delicious weekend.

    1. How annoying. Once I buy my new place, I'm getting Foxtel so I can watch all games live! I go to most of the local Bombers matches though. We're going to go places this season! :)

  3. I only eat the fruitless hot cross buns too! They're delicious but everyone else thinks I'm weird! When they first came out years ago they were packaged as kids ones haha!

    1. Haha! I get the same reaction from people, but I adoooooore them! If they're for kids, then call me a kid! :)