Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to Reality!

I'm baaaaaack!

Hope you have all been well over the last month, and been behaving yourselves! ;)

Isn't it funny how long the weeks just before a holiday seem to drag on... yet when you're finally reached that moment, they fly by and are over before you know it!

We had a lovely trip. Over-indulged in far too much food, saw some amazing sights, and spent some quality time by the pool sipping delicious cocktails.

Will post some trip updates and lots of pictures soon! xx


  1. Yay! :-) Got your comment while I was away on the weekend and couldn't really reply.

    Looking forward to your holiday posts, understand if they take a while to get around to though :-)

    Hope being back in the real world doesn't suck too much xx

  2. welcome back! I've been back for only a week, but it seems like my holiday was a lifetime ago :(

  3. Welcome back!!! Missed you and your posts! Can't wait to see all the photos and read about what you got up to!


  4. missed ya cat!!! glad you had a lovely trip! cant wait to read about it!

  5. welcome back, looking forward to your pics!