Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Diaries : Rose Shamrock Hotel

On Australia Day Eve, we found ourselves hectic busy. In between trying to do my nails and preparing for our Australia Day BBQ, I just could not find the time (nor could I be bothered!) to cook a proper meal. We toyed with the idea of eating potato chips for dinner, but decided that a far better option would be to stop by and grab a quick bite to eat on our way home from the shops.

That's where the Rose Shamrock Hotel comes in! We'd driven past it countless time, and even peered in while stocking up at the BWS bottle shop next door but had yet to try any of the food. As we walked past the pokies to the left and into the spacious bistro area, a sign greeted us declaring that all main meals were $16 every Wednesday. That sealed the deal!

We browsed through the menu, and after making our decision headed up to the counter to order.

Whenever we go for a counter meal, it's always a fairly safe bet that Liam will opt for a chicken parma.
He's going for the title of parma connoisseur, I think!

I decided on the fish and chips, with a side of salad and tartare sauce. I guess you could say we ordered fairly safe on this evening. Both were stock standard dishes, hard to really go terribly wrong with.

As for the standard of the Rose Shamrock? Well, as previously stated, the dishes we ordered were ones that were hard to stuff up. I was a little disappointed with my fish - I misbehaved and ordered it fried instead of grilled, and was expecting a lovely thick crunchy batter. When the meal was placed in front of me it looked flimsy and didn't impress me, however upon cutting it open the flesh was lovely, fresh and piping hot.

While the food wasn't fantastic, it was passable. I left the Rose Shamrock Hotel feeling fairly neutral overall. I didn't dislike my meal but I wasn't wowed by it either, and I didn't feel entirely satisfied. Full yes, satisfied no.

It was a cheap and easy meal, but I'm not sure I would come back again. On a Wednesday, the food is good value for $16 a meal, however any other day of the week you're better off going to the Stolberg just down the road which is also fairly reasonably priced for a much higher standard.

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