Thursday, February 2, 2012

50 + Mini Giveaway!

So, this here is my 50th blog post! 

Only a few short months ago, I sat down at my computer to write my very first post.  These days, I try to post at least each weekday, and it's funny how blogging can consume your life! Every time I do anything now, I think about my blog and try to take pictures so I can share with my lovely followers!
Who, by the way, I am grateful for each and every one! I really appreciate everyone of you who stops by to read and leave some comment-love.

I wanted to commemorate this milestone with a giveaway to thank all you lovely people!

I know it's not much - it's been a busy couple of weeks, and I have been terribly disorganised so didn't have time to sort it out properly! But I managed to rustle up a few items, and I hope you enjoy them!

 Giveaway One!

First up are these cute 3D Nail Decals! I think they'd look fantastic on some brightly colored red nails, which the black would stand out against and the white would just pop!

Giveaway Two!!

Next we have these cute little touch screen pens! You can't see it in the above photo, because I was stupid with my photo-taking, but there is a little line of diamantes around the centre of the purple pen too.  The little black plugs fit perfectly into any headphone jack, so you can hang it off your phone or iPad easily accessible for whenever you might need.  I'm giving these away separately, so do let me know if you want one of these! Look how cute they are... you absolutely need one of these!

Giveaway Three!!!

Last but not least, I have this set of NYC polishes! These nail polishes are the same as the ever-popular Ulta3 range, just with different names and packaging.  Thanks to the wonderful More Nail Polish blog, I can tell you the Ulta3 equivalent of all three of these nail polishes that I have available to give away!

Goblin = Jelly
Glow worm = Citris
Gelati = Tahiti

So there you have it! My very first giveaway.  Is anyone keen?

To enter, here is what you have to do! 
  1. Become a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect
  2. Leave a comment letting me know if you want to win any (or all!) of the above giveaways!
  3. Include your email or blog address, so I can get in touch if you win!
  4. Make sure you live in Australia
  5. Do all of the above by 12pm AETD on Friday 10th February!
 Winners will be picked at random, so good luck! And again, THANK YOU for reading! xx


  1. I would love to win giveaway 3 (the nailpolishes) :)

    If I win, could you pls comment on my blog and I will get my email to you! I'm not a fan of leaving it in comments, I really need to make a blog specific email address that I'm happy to give out - it's on my list of things to do!

    Happy blogging, I enjoy your posts! xx

  2. MMmmmm I think number 3 thanks.. don't fight me of rit people! :)

    Can I PM you my email addy on VF. :P

  3. I want to enter! :) Congrats on 50 posts that is awesome and I agree, I am always trying to take random photos now, even more so than I did BEFORE I blogged hehe.

  4. Oooh how cute!

    I would love to win Number 2, with the pink pen- even though I already have one!! My sister-in-law-but-not-actually-married-to-my-brother really likes my one and I said I'd get her one for Christmas, but couldn't find one anywhere!!! I would love to be able to give it to her!

    P.S- If I don't win, can you pretty please let me know where you purchased it from?! Thank you!!

    *cheesy grin*

    my bloggy:

  5. Yay :-) I'm going to host one myself when I get my act together, will base it on Valentine's Day or 50 followers, whichever comes first :-)

    I like the first one best :-)

    You should have all my details by now :-P

    (the irony of that being I almost posted with my non-blogger full name gmail sign in...oops lol)

  6. I love love your blog :) I stalk you all the time hahaha :D

    Can I please enter the giveaway number 2 please? I'd prefer the red one, but don't mind either one :)


  7. Thanks for the entries, ladies! :)

    And blog addresses are fine, emails were just for those who might not have a blog. I realise now that was rather stupid considering they almost certainly would have one to be following via GFC. Derp, I am smrt.

    Good luck! xx

  8. im in for freebies! lol

    my blog is

    3 would be awesome!

  9. I'm in.. Been a follower for a while..
    The nail polishes would be amaze!!! I'm loving bright colours at the moment.. Espeically the PINK!