Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheap OPI on COTD!

Just in case you didn't know, there's cheap OPI going on Catch of the Day!

I'm not sure when the deal ends, but at the time of publishing this, almost all colours are still in stock. Shipping is $5.95 per bottle, but is capped at $10 so is great if you're after a few different colours!

I am a little way of Catch of the Day, based on what I've heard and a couple of experiences - they've really let their standards drop lately! However, it still seems to be a cheap way of getting a bargain if you're not in a hurry.

If you're after a bargain on OPI, why not have a look?

PS - don't forget my mini-giveaway! :) xx


  1. I ALMOST broke more of my shopping ban for this, but then I realised with shipping it is not a HUGE saving and I calmed down lol. Thanks for telling us though!

    1. Yeah, if you're only after one then it's not much good! :( But since there's a $10 shipping cap it's great if you're after a few colours.

      Whoops, probably not helping the shopping bans! I almost went nuts and bought a whole handful, but then thought I'd wait and buy them overseas instead! :)

    2. From what I've gathered, Catch of the Day can take an eternity to ship anyway... So, you'd probably get them sooner from overseas!

  2. I'd be tempted had I not had crap service from them before. They do take forever to ship so I hope everything goes well for those who made orders

  3. I resisted also.. even though I sent a message to my friend telling her that they're on there... I am on a ban and hoping to wait and get some duty free.. Fingers crossed they have the 2 for $25 sale at the duty free stores!!! or less~