Monday, September 3, 2012

Father's Day Feasting!

My father is a man of few words.  He can be ever critical, and is as stubborn as they come.  If you don't agree with him, you just must be wrong, and there's nothing you can say or do about it to change his mind.  In summary, he is an absolute pain in the butt.  But I wouldn't have him any other way!

He is the most generous person.  He has always done whatever he can to help, and given me every opportunity in life.  There are so many occasions where he has made sacrifices without a second thought, to instead give me what I wanted/needed.  When I went to unversity, he make the decision to pay all my HECS fees up-front because he wanted to give me the best start in life, rather than coming out with a debt over my head. I owe everything I have in life, including my fabulous new home, to my parents (I know it's Father's Day, but as they say, behind every good man is a good woman!)

Another thing about my father is that he is a simple man.  He does not like fuss, he does not need extravagance, and he shies away from the fancy and over-the-top.  For this reason, our Father's Day celebration this year, as with every year before, were very simple.

Sunday morning I invited my parents to our house for a Father's Day fry-up! Scrambled eggs on lightly toasted sourdough rye, beef chipolatas, streaky bacon, fresh baby spinach, sauteed mushrooms (and I just this moment realised that my hash browns are still happily sitting untouched in my freezer!) washed down with Earl Grey tea.

It was such fantastic weather for the first official day of Spring, and after the meal my dad happily pottered around our back yard taking photos. 

Later that evening, my parents and both sets of grandparents came around to check out the new house (which we are absolutely rapt with, by the way!) and we set off to the local Vietnamese restaurant (walking distance!) for dinner. 

There are actually two Vietnamese restaurants right next door to each other, just around the corner from our house, so we have plenty of choice!  The restaurant was hectic when we arrived with the line out the door, so I was very glad I'd thought to make a booking! Unfortunately there was a mix-up with the ordering, and we ended up having a riculous wait on the food. 

When the food finally arrived though, there were no complaints! The serving sizes were very generous, and everything was very tasty.

For the price, I'm delighted that we'll have such a cheap and easy take away option for the nights that I can't be bothered cooking!  The options are plentiful though, as we have quite a few places within walking distance of our new house!

How did you celebrate your dad? :)


  1. That vietnamese food looks so nommy! How lucky that you're so close. There are quite a few close to me and I've only eaten there once...

    Your dad sounds great, and so incredibly selfless. That fry-up looks good!


  2. Yumm! love viet food! We went to eat jap! My parents are trying to be more open to trying new foods.

  3. Yay for a cheap and nice place to eat in walking distance! Can't beat that!

    Looks like you had a lovely Fathers Day.

    Hope you are settling in well to the new place! Can't wait for the house posts! x

  4. Yummyyyyy viet... but all the places were mad on Fathers' Day!
    Asian parents are like that though. Debt = bad!!!

  5. Oh I missed your post about moving... Eeek, how exciting!!

    Looks like you had a lovely Fathers' Day.

    Gosh, your blog makes me hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  6. Lucky you having vietnamese so close! If we want some it is a decent car trip (damn our beautiful yet totally lacking in any kind of shops suburb).
    We ate cake with my Dad then sat in the sun till I had a little bit of sunburn. Twas gorgeous.

  7. Oh your dad just sounds like such a generous person...this post is so sweet! It looks like you had a great Father's Day celebration too - good food and good company, what more can you want? Hehe.

  8. Your father is absolutely lovely, hope you he enjoyed the wonderful spread you prepared. It looks wonderful! I must say that the rice vermiclli salad looks delicious and fresh too, where is this Vietnamese restaurant? I am interested to try it out.

  9. YUM! Where abouts are these restaurants?? Love me some good Vietnamese.
    Heidi xo