Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turning Japanese

Ooh, I have comments and followers! Not many, but I am excited! Thank you so much to those who took the time to read and leave a little comment! And thank you for the lovely welcome messages! Makes me excited to have started this little blog! 

So today I thought I'd share some food pictures with you! 
(Be warned: I eat a LOT of food, and feel compelled to happy snap away so there's sure to be a lot of posts featuring eats!)

My lovely man, Liam, and I are having a Christmas party this weekend!  Sadly my poor little Christmas tree was blown over in the storm of November 2011, and there were some casualties! What started out as a short late-night Kmart visit to pick up some extra baubles turned into a mini shop-fest after I spotted the Wishing Tree set up at the front of the store.  

Shopping for gifts is so much fun! You should totally give this a go! :)

I had to do my bit, so we grabbed two tags from the tree and ended up trawling the toy department for ages trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for a little boy and girl!  Following this with a trip to Aldi meant it was pretty late by the time we emerged. I get lost in the aisles of a supermarket - I will often go in to buy a carton of milk and come out with 15 other items and have forgotten the milk! 

So we decided to grab a quick and easy bite before heading home.  Cue Sakana Japanese Cafe, an inexpensive little place located on the High Street of Preston.  

With all that energy expended shopping, and given the late time I was absolutely STARVING when we sat down to order.  This results in mass over-ordering. As my mother always says, my eyes are bigger than my stomach (wouldn't it look ODD if that were really true?!)  

Edamame beans [$2.60]                                                             Entree gyoza [$3.90]
(there were more but I forgot to take a photo before we started eating!)

Chilli Octopus [$8.50]                                                             Katsudon [$8.50]

Tempura Combination [$12.20]

Couple of issues - the tempura was a bit bland, and some pieces were not cooked enough resulting in raw floury bits of batter in the odd mouthful. With the katsu don - every other time I have ordered it, raw egg has been stirred through the hot rice and seasoning resulting in a tasty eggy sauce through every mouthful of rice.  Sakana's has the egg already cooked on top, so the dish is a little dry.

For the price though, you can't really complain too much! We were SO full afterwards, and I am ashamed to admit I had to leave behind food. Sakana is not a bad place for a quick & cheap meal.  

Food is not fancy high quality Japanese, but is simple and tasty.  

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