Friday, July 6, 2012

Yellow on Yellow!

This post is for the lovely Ling, over at Pork Chop's Nest.

A while back, Ling wrote this post about all things neon yellow.  One of her concerns was house yellow nail polish would suit yellow skin.  Whilst I'm no expert in all things neon, I did conveniently have a little bottle of NYC glow worm tucked away, which is one of the brightest yellows you ever did see!  I had never tried it before, and thought it was time to break it open to try and assist.

I couldn't quite capture the true colour via photos, so took a couple of snaps in different lighting to try and give a proper idea!

The shade was an extremely bright yellow, much more neon that Ling had posted on her blog, but I thought this might help give an idea.  I've applied two coats of colour and no base coat as I was not planning on keeping this colour on.

Looking at the photos, I actually don't think it looks too bad.  However, when I looked at my actual nails in real life it didn't seem to work.  Do you remember in primary school when you used to draw on your nails with highlighters and pretend you were wearing nail polish? No? Maybe it's just me... but this is vaguely what it reminded me of!  I suppose the fact that I was doing it in the office rather than for a night out or whatever might have been part of the issue too.  I'm sure if it was for a night out and I was wearing an outfit that might match or complement might have made a huge difference.

Anyway, Ling, sorry I couldn't be more helpful but I hope that gives you somewhat of an idea! :) xx


  1. At least they make a statement :-)

    I didn't do highlighters, but definitely white out! Also had pastel pens that worked really well for nail art :-)

  2. Aww you're so lovely! I used to put a bit of highlighter over white out when I was in primary school haha...and that's definitely not something I want to try again. :P

  3. Hahaha I definately used to do the highlighter thing.. It was the cool thing to do!

    I actually really like it haha not sure I could pull it off though..

    Would be cool for a night out in town with a black outfit!


  4. love this colour! So modern!

  5. I never did the highlighter thing, but I do think that these days the neon nail polish looks great and is a lot better than the old fluro lol

  6. Wow that is very neon!! LOL at highlighter drawing on nails. HAHAHHA I used to do that too. White out! But then we had white out banned.

    I need to get to Braybrook to get some China Glaze, I think i have to see them in real life. Thanks!!!

  7. It looks pretty though!!! Maybe if you put some light glittery polish over it you'd like it more in person as well? x